Manufacturer of hats and scarves for children, teenagers and adults

About company  

We are a knitting company with many years of tradition in the production of hats for children, teenagers and adults. We have been operating on the European market since 1992.

 GRANS ® is a trademark used by our company “DAREX” to mark products. GRANS caps are characterized by a variety of designs, attention to detail and careful finish. Our products are made of yarns with international quality certificates. We have professional, modern technical facilities, supported by the experience and skills of our staff. Having our own design studio, we can offer you an unlimited choice of styles, patterns in many color variants. Thanks to the rich design and high-quality workmanship, our products have found trusted customers in the country and abroad. For each season, we offer new collections in line with global fashion trends.


P.P.H.U. "DAREX" Dariusz Nawrotek

ul. Mickiewicza 41


phone.: (+48 81) 883 38 60

fax: (+48 81) 883 38 61 ext. 24


Informujemy, że nasza firma otrzymała dofinansowanie ze środków unijnych na kapitał obrotowy w kwocie 258467,31 zł, z Programu Dotacje na Kapitał Obrotowy. Numer umowy POPW.01.05.00-06-0042/20